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We helped a nonprofit earn $360,000 in donations in one month with one video...

The video strategy that any nonprofit can use to maximize donations and increase their impact in the next month, without any fancy marketing tactics.

Here's the video we made for WBTT...

“We implemented Captivision’s video in two fundraisers and raised over $360K in new donations, far surpassing previous years. The video beautifully represents our mission and connected with donors in a truly unique way.”

– Julie Leach,
Executive Director, WB

Here's what WBTT's Founder, Nate Jacobs had to say:

Increase your nonprofit’s revenue in under 60 days with authentic, unique video content.

Even if:

Potential donors don’t understand the scope of the problems you solve.

You feel like your marketing doesn’t do justice to the impact you make.
You’re worried about being too promotional and donors getting tired of you.
You know how effective video can be, but you’re unsure how to correctly implement it.



What we Do

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Strategy & Consultation

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Full Service Video Creation

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Each project is priced individually, so we aren’t able to give quotes on work before fully understanding your specific needs.


But usually organizations with a dedicated marketing budget and at least one staff member in charge of marketing are the best fit for our services.

You can certainly implement video on your own, but we always recommend having some sort of professional team to help you.


A poor quality video will reflect poorly on your work to more discerning donors.


These donors will inevitably support the organizations that they connect with emotionally, which are going to be the organizations that communicate their impact most effectively, and high quality video content is the best way to do exactly that.

Our video framework will be most successful if you have a well designed website, solid list of donors that are subscribed to your email newsletter, and you consistently run fundraising events, bonus points if you keep up with your social media accounts and have good engagement there.


If you watched the video on this page and you’re unsure if our strategy would work well for your organization, book a call with us and we can take a close look at your current branding and give you an honest assessment of if this would be a good investment for you.

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