About Us

Growing up, I was always fascinated with movies, the power they have to make you care, immerse you in someone else’s perspective.
Years later, I found myself working as a freelance videographer. My clients would have an idea, I would shoot and edit it, and that was it.
No bigger picture goals. 
No strategy.
The videos looked great, but they didn’t make any real impact.
Around this time I was also becoming immersed in the documentary filmmaking world, working on projects for Netflix and National Geographic, as well as getting some of my own short docs into film festivals.
I discovered the power that documentaries have to shift perspectives and share ideas through storytelling.
I also started to notice the staggering amount of companies out there that are innovating the way their industry operates for the better, but were telling the world about it in all the wrong ways.
Combine this with ever-worsening state of spammy Facebook ads, AI-generated sales copy, robotic short form content, every single person on the internet is becoming more discerning and more skeptical every day.
With marketing as we know it in a downward spiral, the internet is changing quickly. 
Hard-selling and self-centered promoting is slowly but surely becoming obsolete. People are looking for trust, authenticity, and personal resonance more than ever.
I created Captivision to leverage the power of video to help purpose-driven brands and businesses connect with your supporters in a way that is both profitable and authentic.

- James Berry
Founder, Captivision Media