Our Work

Our favorite projects and the results they’ve achieved.

Investor Intrigue:

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Biotech Startup


Psilera is doing ground-breaking work with psychedelic medicines, but they needed a way to make a one-of-a-kind impression on investors.

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We created a series of videos to set Psilera apart from the rest of the industry and turn them into a venture capital magnet.

“This video has captured the attention of individual investors, large investment firms, and many curious patients.

Captivision helped us bring our idea of "soulful science" to life, while also strongly representing our mission.”

- Jackie Von Salm,

Finding Donors:

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Black Theatre Troupe

Non-Profit Organization



WBTT is known for their incredible talent, but many people are unaware of the impact they have on the community.

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We created a video that highlights how essential donors are to WBTT’s mission and the direct effect they have on the community.

“We implemented Captivision’s video in two recent fundraisers and raised over $360k in total, far surpassing previous years.

The video beautifully represented our mission and connected with our donors in a really unique way.”

- Julie Leach,
Executive Director

Building a Brand :

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Purpose-Driven Clothing Brand



Adios had a strong message that has the potential to connect with a wide audience, but they needed a way to communicate it.

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We focused on connecting with an audience that resonates with the brand values, building an audience of likeminded customers.

“Captivision creatively and efficiently created a short film that helps deliver our message in an authentic way.

The reception from customers has been incredible and I’m excited for our next project.”

- Rob Ruvin,