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Our favorite projects and the results they’ve achieved.


Mental Health Care & Biotech Startup


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Psilera is doing groundbreaking work with psychedelic compounds to make a positive shift in the pharmeseutical industry.

But even with a mission so unique, the market is extremely competitive.


We created a series of videos that shows investors why Psilera is forward thinking, reliable, and the best at what they do.

“This video has captured the attention of individial investors, larger firms, and many curious patients. Captivision has helped us bring our idea of ‘soulful science’ to life.

- Jackie Von Salm,

Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe

Arts Organization


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WBTT is well known for their theatre productions, but not everyone was aware of how they give back to the community.

We created a short documentary that immerses donors in WBTT’s mission and shows them the impact of their generosity. 

“We implemented Captivision’s video in two recent fundraisers and raised over $360K in new donations, far surpassing previous years. The video beautifully represents our mission and connected with donors in a truly unique way.”

- Julie Leach,
Executive Director


Purpose-Driven Clothing Brand


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Adios had a strong message, but they needed the right way to communicate it that would tell their story while also deeply resonating with likeminded people. 

We focused on capturing the story behind the brand and how it connects to their core values and the impact they aim to have on the world.

“Captivision creatively and efficiently created a short film that helps deliver our message in an authentic way.
The reception from customers has been incredible.”


- Rob Ruvin,